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What the Uses of Claw Hammer

uses of claw hammer

A claw hammer is one of the most essential tools that every carpenter should have.

We can agree?

Even if you are a repairman or a handyperson, you should always have a hammer nearby.

Here is some of the uses of a claw hammer.

The claw hammer helps pound nails onto wood and weighs about sixteen to twenty-five ounces.

The head is made of sturdy and robust stainless steel, and the handle is usually fiberglass or steel.

A high-quality claw hammer would have a comfortable and ergonomic grip to ensure that your wrist and hand will not cramp up or get injured during its use.

One side of the head is flat and smooth, while the other is a claw for extracting the nail.

Keep reading to learn more about the uses of Claw Hammer.

The creation of the claw hammer is unique and impressive, and if you are looking for the right hammer for your tools, then you can check out this information to give you more insight.


Photo By: Cpl. C. Alex Herron

Claw Hammer Common Use

The claw hammers are often used for everyday tasks and construction projects.

The primary use of the claw hammer is to pound nails onto the wood and to extract the nails. The flat side of the hammer is the head, and it is used for pounding the nail deeper into the wood. The other side is the claw which is to extract the nails out a wood surface.

The claw side of the hammer resembles the V so the nails can fit perfectly between it.

A higher price hammers are often built stronger and have more comfortable handles.

The claw hammers are designed to be used with woodworking projects. They are not built for metal materials.

Purpose of the Claw Hammer

The goal of the claw hammer is to make your life easier.

If you have a serious repair that needs attention, then the claw hammer should be one of the tools involved in the project.

Anytime that you are dealing with wood and nails, this is the hammer that you should be carrying around.

It functions to pound the nails onto the wood and extract it out. It only works wonders with the wood project, but not the metal.

Claw Hammer Design

The claw hammer can resemble the T with the handle being the long part. In fact, the head of the hammer does not create a straight line, but it curves down towards the claw.

One part of the hammer is the flathead with a smooth texture surface that is used to create a pounding impact on the wooden material.

The other side is where the head curves down and splits into the middle that transforms into a V shape. This is the claw part of the hammer to help extract the nails from the wood.

When you combine the end of the claw with the comfortable handle, then you gain powerful leverage to take out the nail.


Different Types of Claw Hammers

There are different types of claw hammers, and they have their strength and purpose. If you are aware of their usage, it can be beneficial for your carpentry project.

The most popular type of hammer is the two-piece. This hammer involves combining the steelhead with a hole to create the handle.

One of the ends is adapted perfectly to fit the whole body of the hammerhead.

The steel is strengthened into the wood to secure the hammerhead onto the handle. The other handle material is made of carbon and glass fiber.

Another type of claw hammer is the single-piece which creates powerful steel where the handle and head connect together.

These type of hammers often have a comfortable polymer grip to create an ergonomic handle to decrease the vibration each time you pound the nail into the wood.

Another type of claw hammer is called the framing hammer. This hammer is huge in size and can be used for framing projects.

The large and heavy head can reduce the number of blows that are required to pound the nails in the wood.

The framing hammer often has a unique checkered typeface that can decrease the head impact if the claw does not completely strike onto the nail.

However, the framing hammer also has a much vertical claw than the regular claw hammer. The claw is designed for taking out the nail from the board rather than simply removing it.

The overall size of this type of hammer is usually designed by the heavyweight of its head which ranges around thirty ounces.

Tips for a claw hammer

Even though the claw hammer might seem like a simple tool, but there are some tips and strategies to help you use it efficiently. It is vital to check the balance between the head and the handle.

Before purchasing the hammer, you can try swinging a hammer. If the balance is good, then it is supposed to be as smooth as a breeze.

It’s vital to ensure that your claw hammer has the right balance to avoid injuries and to reduce the injuries when you use it.

Another thing to keep in mind is that the head is made of powerful steel. However, if the head is too hard, it might not be a good thing.

It might become dull and chip out easily. Another piece of advice is to check the grip of the handle to see if it is comfortable to use. A good grip depends on the shape and quality of the material.

If the handle is made of wood, it can create light and strong usage. There are some models that have comfy cushion grips that are an excellent choice for comfort and shocked absorption.

The claw hammer is an excellent and common tool to have for your wood projects. It functions to pound the nail into the wood surface or to extract it out.

It is not used for the metal project, but it does wonders with the wood.

The significant part about the hammer claw is that there are many types of designs and types of hammers.

Depending on your project, you can use the proper type and design that fits well with it. Make sure that before you purchase a hammer, that it is balanced properly and that the materials are of high quality.

You want to ensure that the grip is comfortable and easy to use. Once you are ready for your project, you can rest assure that your claw hammer is ready to get into action.

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