what is an impact driver and it use

What is an Impact Driver and it Use

What the heck is an impact driver and the use of it?

Well, have you tried to use your drill on long screws? How that work out for you?

If not so good then that is because you been using the wrong tool.

That is when an impact driver does the job. Its a long screw fastener. It works well with lug nuts.

The most common use of an impact drill is to drive and fastens large bolts and screws. The hammer-like design, known as rotary hammer, powers through large screws, unlike drills.

Impact drills are very similar to normal drills however they are not used at a similar occasion. It is not recommended to drill holes with an impact drill because of their lack of precision.

However, with special bits like  ¼-inch hex-shank drill bits would help with drilling but not ideal and limited.

An impact driver is a power tool you must considered for making holes situations.

Key Features of Impact Drills


To really understand impact driver and it uses then we most look the features of an impact drill and what makes it unique and the same time what types of jobs are necessary.

  • More condense than drill drivers

Impact drivers are generally small and lighter than drill drivers. Therefore, an impact driver can fit in tighter places.

They are lighter and more comfortable to handle and use.

  • Built for Power outburst

The impact driver was built to deliver high power output to fasten large bolts and screws in your project.

Most impact drivers can produce 150 Nm of power output, which is no joke. If you compare it with the drill driver output of 50 Nm.

Do you ask why this tool more condense, lighter and more powerful than the drill driver?

The impact was designed with hammer-like motion inside the hood. That means it will be pounding the bits forward as you keep drilling more.

This key feature of this mechanism is a spring.

When the internal hammer rotates, it has a mechanism that compresses the spring and then leaves space for the spring to decompress.

When the spring decompresses, that kinetic energy is pushed forward delivering power shots to those screws and bolts.

(Video with the full motion explained here.)

  • Low Kickback from the driver

Impact drivers have a ton Nm output and you will be able to drive anything with force unless you’re going to use for heavy and very thick materials.

Unlike drill drivers, the kickback is very minimal as the impact driver creates more the energy but for dense and thick materials, the driver will have some kickbacks or most likely will just stop.

Cordless vs Corded Impact Drivers


  • Corded delivers more power

There is no denial or debate on which driver delivers more high torque power.

A corded driver has an unlimited supply of power, therefore, the output is much higher and consistently. Most corded tools can deliver up to 110 volts while cordless can reach 20 bolts.

The lithium ion battery also puts the cordless to a disadvantage as the supplies and duration are limited not recommended for max power output.

  • Cordless dominates mobility

The mobility of a cordless impact driver is very convenient as the user can move anywhere and have a worry free of the search for outlets and moving wires around.

The user can take it cordless drill anywhere they wish as long as they have the battery power to perform the task.

  • Corded is lighter and leaner

Corded impact drills don’t rely on a battery, therefore, the weight of the battery is reduced. The bulkiness of the battery also impacts the design of the cordless making the driver bigger.

  • The lifespan of the Drills

The major issue with the cordless drills is the battery decaying. If you’re not a frequent user then the battery will depreciate a lot quicker.

For heavy users, the cordless would be ideal but for casual users, the corded would be ideal.

Basic Tips Before Using an Impact Driver

impact driver basic

For beginners, it is important to follow the following tips before you start using your brand new impact drill.

Safety comes first at all time and it very crucial to follow these tips at all time.

  • Must use safety goggles

Whether drilling or fastening something, anything could go wrong leaving your entire body to expose to injuries. Although, a shoulder and chest could take a shot, not the eyes.

It is important to keep eyes protected all times while using an impact driver and any drilling tools.

Safety goggles are very cheap to buy almost anywhere. The lens is made of polycarbonate material reinforced with a rubber frame.

They very comfortable and they have a good grip on all our projects.

  • Reading the Manual is very important

Manual is very important to looks because all the little details of how to handle the tools correctly are listed. The little things are usually important things to follow correctly.

For example, how to charge the drill battery, how to turn off your device, what accessories are highly recommended for different projects, other instructions and warnings, and further safety tips.

They may sound boring but understanding this is important.

  • Surrounding are must be clutter-free & clean

A clutter-free space and a clean driver would be the ideal situation for any user. It prevents injuries and performance would be at its peak and that what everyone wants.

However, it not ideal to use this tool with people in the surrounding area. This is another safety tip that would prevent others from getting hurt in any case an accident were to happen.

An impact driver clean at all time would perform the best. It is highly recommended to keep an impact driver dust-free, water-free, battery properly charges, and most importantly storing in a safe space.

  • Ensure the correct use of the tool

It is very important to keep a high concentration on the tool while it in use. Like, maintaining a strong grip while using the tools is a must which includes also making sure that some of the focus is into the applied torque.

Different companies might have slightly different use of an impact driver so checking the manual is highly recommended before use. Among the best impact driver is the Dewalt 18v. Also, the Makita 18v & Bosch 18v drill is great alternative. Other is in the lower end would be Ryobi 18v.

Dewalt DCF885C1 is Highly Recommended

For all those long screws projects, the best performance impact driver is the DCF885C1. It comes with 20V power output which is enough for any garage and home use projects.

It is very compact and light and most importantly reliable. It ones of the most positively rated impact driver in the market and we totally agree with that. It made in the USA so quality is ensured with this product. One of the must have power tools in the garage arsenal.

We have an extensive review so you check out all the details and features here.

Did you like our summary of  what is impact driver and it use? Let us know if we missed anything in the comments below.

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