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Can You Use Duct Tape As Electrical Tape?

Can You Use Duct Tape As Electrical Tape

Tapes are inexpensive and highly versatile, and as a homeowner, you can easily find one on shelves or in your drawers. With various types of tapes available in today’s market, duct tape stands out as the most durable and highly reliable of them all.

Not all tapes are suitable for various applications like duct tape, from packaging to designing creative household items; duct tape is undoubtedly highly versatile. However, can you use duct tape as electrical tape? To find out, consider reading this article to the end.

Can You Use Duct Tape As Electrical Tape

Unlike duct tape, electrical tape is used to address the needs of an electrician. So, can you use duct tape as electrical tape? This will highly depend on the type of duct tape you own. Usually, there are two types of duct tape; adhesive aluminum foil and polyethylene duct tape, a form of plastic.

The adhesive aluminum foil is not safe for use as an electrical tape substitute since they have aluminum metallic material, which is a good conductor of electricity. Fortunately, these types of duct tapes are not commonly available.

Polyethylene duct tape, on the other hand, is made of plastic-like material, and since plastics are a poor conductor of electricity, this makes them safe for use as an electrical tape substitute. The best part is that polyethylene duct tape is by far the most available type of duct tape in today’s market.

The primary function of an electrical tape is to insulate naked electrical wires and prevent chances of electrocution. This means that insulating an open electrical wire is not the primary function of duct tape. A duct tape seals an air duct that conveys air from one end to another, like centralized air conditioning.

However, you might consider using duct tape in insulating naked electrical wires in the absentia of electrical tape. This means duct tape should only be used to substitute for electrical tape when a naked wire has to be insulated urgently.

The main reason why you can use duct tape as electrical tape is its non-conductive ability. Meaning that electrical waves will not pass through the tape through conduction. Additionally, duct tape is good at slowing down the heat. Due to this, they are ideal for use in sealing air ducts in an air conditioning system.

While duct tape is not primarily designed to act as an insulator or electrical tape, it can enhance the performance of correct insulation. You will only need to use the correct type of duct tape to get perfect insulation.

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Things To Consider When Insulating Electrical Wires With a Duct Tape

It is advisable to use duct tape as electrical tape in absentia of electrical tape; however, you will need to consider various things before making this move. First and foremost, you will need to keep in mind the amount of voltage that flows in a live electrical wire.

A single wrap of a standard electrical tape can protect against 600 volts; this is because it was primarily made for this purpose. You cannot achieve that kind of protection even when using multiple wraps of duct tape since it is not designed for this purpose.

This means that duct tape should only be used in emergencies where electrical tapes are not available. You should also consider replacing the duct tape with electrical tape once you purchase one.

Secondly, the type of duct tape you use matters a lot. As a result, consider checking the type of duct tape you have in your home before using it as an insulator or electrical tape substitute. Avoid using adhesive aluminum foil duct tape as an insulator, and consider using polyethylene duct tape instead.

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Why Are Electrical Tape Better Insulators Than Duct Tape?

Duct tape is Americans’ favorite tape for fixing just about everything; however, they are not an excellent insulator. Although they can be used as insulators, they are not the best option over the electrical tape. This is often because duct tape is not primarily designed for this purpose.

However, there is no available data regarding duct tape’s insulating properties when used as an insulator. Experts on this subject believe that duct tape is more flammable, especially when subjected to high electrical sparks.

Duct tape is also not UL certified and tested. This means that experts do not design or approve them for electrical use. In fact, some duct tape incorporates metallic skin, as discussed earlier in the article.

Unlike electrical tape, duct tape does not last for an extended period when used as an insulator. When wrapped on an electrical wire, duct tape will wear out within a short period instead of electrical tape. This makes them less ideal for use as electrical tape.

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Differences Between Duct Tape And Electrical Tape

Duct tape and electrical tape differ significantly, and here are some of the main differences between the two;

  • Material. Duct tape is an adhesive tape with a polyethylene coat on each side. This tape incorporates a cotton-cloth coat design with incredibly high adhesive giving it tensile strength. On the other hand, electrical tape is designed from stretchable rubber, PVC vinyl, or rubberized cloth. It features pressure-sensitive adhesive.
  • Durability. Electrical tapes are considered more durable than duct tapes.
  • Function. Electrical tape is primarily used as an insulator by an electrician. Duct tape, on the other hand, is used to seal items such as HVAC systems. However, individuals tend to use them in other applications, such as in packaging.
  • Moisture resistance. When it comes to moisture resistance, duct tape is the best; however, they are not waterproof. However, this is never the case with electrical tapes; these tapes are waterproof and moisture resistant, making them perfect for electrical use.

Although it’s safe to use duct tape as electrical tape, this should only be done during emergencies, and you do not have electrical tape. This means that once you find the electrical tape, you should remove your duct tape as soon as possible and replace it with electrical tape. With that said, we hope you have found this article beneficial.