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Socket Sizes in Order from Smallest to Largest

Socket Sizes in Order From Smallest to Largest

Most would think that socket sizes is just a matter of measurements and arranging them in an ascending or descending order.

Well, I hope you are not one of them.

There is a bit more to that, and it can be quite technical. There are a few things that you should put under careful consideration.

First is the different standards of measurements which are the metric and SAE.

In addition to that, you will also have to consider the size drive you will be using. So maybe you got your fists socket compilation, and all you want to do is to confirm that you have the right socket sizes.

Moreover, you may also want to know the dimensions that you will need.

One key thing to take note of is that some of the socket sizes offered will not be put to use as they are obscure.

The size depends on the drive size, and in this article, I will give two drive sizes and their socket sizes in ascending order.

Firstly, we have the ¼” drive which has the 4, 4.5, 5, 5.5, 6, 7, 8, 9 to 10mm socket drive.

1/4 Drive3/8 Drive1/2 Drive3/4 Drive1 Drive

The Most Useful Sockets

Let’s face it not all of us are glorious mechanics who need a full kit to work on their numerous machines.

For now, we will have a look at the most useful sockets so that you do not end up purchasing which you will not put into use.

The 10mm size is most helpful when it comes to fender bolts, fixing license plates in cars and grills as well as antennas.

The list is long which make it a handy tool to possess.

For bracket bolts, one that will surely assist would be the 13mm socket.

Additionally, for bumper bolts windshields, hood bolts and seat belt bolts the 7mm comes in handy and should always be kept in your car.

It has been known to fix fog lights and fender screws quite well.

These are among the very many tools that you can invest in.

Bumper brackets and fog lights also have the 15mm socket which can be used to fix them again or for tightening.

Furthermore, it also doubles in fixing windshields, hood bolts and can be used in the house to attach door or infill panels.

The 6.5mm socket can be used to fix most nuts whether on the interior or the exterior.

Mostly they fix seats and all the important accessories that accompany the places like the seatbelts.

The 5mm though may appear to have a small diameter is convenient for fixing inner fender screws and most interior screws.


Most Common Sockets

There are a wide variety of socket wenches depending on functionality.

They offer an easy and efficient way for tightening nuts bolts and the like.

They are a necessity to most mechanics and whether you intend to fix something up or are taking up a new hobby be sure to link up with the socket wrenches.

With them, you get a variety which differs according to measurements size and shapes.

Metric Sockets

Sockets are measured in metric, standard or imperial units like inches.

They can seem similar but keep in mind that they have different functions.

As we know, sockets are used mostly with nuts or bolts. For metric nuts, you strictly use metric sockets, and consequently, the standard nuts are fixed with approved devices.

Mixing these functions will spoil the socket’s grip and eradicate the tool be sure only to use it on the right equipment.

It is always important to follow the manufacturer’s instructions so as not to damage the socket.

Standard Sockets

Next up is the standard sockets. For ease of use, these sockets follow certain standards when they are used on bolts and nuts.

At times there are complicated pieces of equipment that need to be fixed.

If you are in such a situation, do not worry as there are modified sockets which are made to suit most material.

There is a wide variety of standard drives that will work on the most patented nuts and bolts regardless of their shapes, size, and measurements.

As long as you use the drives with the right but you can be sure to have a seamless experience.

Impact Sockets

They come as an accompaniment for other wenches. They usually are applied where substantial load amounts are involved.

They are made from special materials which allow them to support the heavy weight and the work efficiently alongside other sockets.

They come as an accompaniment for other wenches.

They usually are applied where substantial load amounts are involved. They are made from special materials which allow them to support the heavy weight and the work efficiently alongside other sockets.

Impact sockets come in in a variety of forms and shapes.

First, we have the point shapes that resembles a double hexagon. Formerly they used octagonal ones but due to the changes experienced by the nuts and bolts the need for the hexagonal ones arose.


Special Impact Socket

Another conventional socket is the individual impact sockets.

They get their name from the unique materials that are used to make them.

In the past, lots of elements would go into the manufacture of a socket. This only proved to make work harder especially due to the differences in density.

Over the years though sockets are being made of soft but firm steel which aids to balance the mass.

Well, there you go get your activities in order and then figure out the type of socket that will be most useful to you.

Top Recommended Socket Sets

51 PCS – TEKTON 1/4-Inch Drive Socket Set

  • Master set has every size from 5/32 to 9/16 inch and 5 to 14 mm in both shallow and deep lengths
  • Includes universal joint, screwdriver bit adapter and extra long 6-inch extension, tools not found in most other sets
  • Finely geared 72-tooth ratchet needs only 5-degree working swing arc
  • High-torque, 6-point sockets grip flat sides of fasteners, not corners, preventing round off
  • All tools are made from premium quality chrome vanadium steel with a mirror chrome plated finish

35 PCS – TACKLIFE Master Hex Bit Socket Set

  • With superior hardness and toughness, S2 alloy steel hex bits can effectively be reducing wear and ensuring longevity; Sandblasting finish protects bits from rust and corrosion
  • Heat-treated Cr-V sockets provide superior torque for greater turning power; Matte-finished sockets provide excellent durability and waterproof anti-rust capability
  • CNC machining bits ensure accurate sizes; Chamfered ends allow smooth insertion of bits onto fasteners, reducing wear and damage; Clear, long-lasting, stamped size markings make it easy to read and select sizes
  • Complete with a sturdy plastic case for great protection and portability; The hexagonal screwdriver rod embedded in the hex sleeve and don’t fall off and slip
  • TACKLIFE promises that customers can enjoy our best and friendly customer service(Just e-mail us through Amazon)

142 PCS – DEWALT Mechanics Tools Kit & Socket Set

  • One-piece set includes sockets, wrenches, hex keys and more
  • 72-tooth gear system for high torque ratcheting
  • Low profile directional lever helps reduce catch points and for easy one-hand operation