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How to Safely Dispose of old Gas and Oil Mix

How to Safely Dispose of old Gas and Oil Mix

We are often told to change the oil of our vehicles for its safe running. And when or before it reaches the limit of the mileage, an oil change is mandatory.

However, what do you do with that old gas? How to dispose of old gas? Old oil should be disposed of very carefully and in a safe place. There are safe ways to get your gasoline disposed of whether it’s from your car, gardening tools or from any other motor.

Old gas is decomposed, dusty and thick as well, it has a different color and contains a foul odor which makes it harmful. Be safe with your gasoline when purchasing it, always get good quality gas that has a long expiry date, so it will provide long time fuel for the engine to run effectively and prevent it from dangers of exploding.

What can I do with old fuel?

Old gas is not completely useless after all. You’re able to mix old gas with fresh gas and it should be able to ignite an engine fine. Before you do that, you must inspect the old gas for over-oxidation before rendering usable. If the old gas looks to dark, thick and sour smell then it is not usable and you should consider properly disposing it.

Dispose of Old Gasoline

Dispose of Old Gasoline

Gasoline needs to be dealt with as soon as it gets taken out of the car or it can be hazardous. It is a flammable material that reacts very quickly to smoke or fire and causes an explosion. Its components are also a danger to the atmosphere.

So, how to dispose of old gasoline? Always take precautionary measures before handling it. Dispose of the oil off carefully by placing it in a gas can.

Firstly, pour the old oil in a gas can very carefully. Check that the can doesn’t have a hole or the old oil doesn’t leak from anywhere. Place sheets under the container and also have a filter in place for putting in old gas safely and avoiding any spills into the ground as that can be dangerous.

Prevent it from leaking from the container also when keeping for reuse purposes. Throwing away used oil in garbage or sewers or drain is not a good idea as it is not safe for it to contact water.

Dispose of Old Gas Can

Dispose of Old Gas Can

Old gas cans are also not safe to be disposed of publicly just like old gas. The old oil can harm the atmosphere, so it shouldn’t be kept for too long inside houses or trash cans.

So to safely dispose of an old gas can, you should first empty it from any residue of old gasoline. Then place holes at the bottom of the container. After placing the holes, put the can in an open area to let them dry off completely. It is vital that it is dried off completely to get it disposed of safely.

Let your gas can to dry for a few days in the air until it’s completely dry and has no traces of any gasoline or doesn’t have the chemical smell. This is the recommended and the safest way of disposing of the old gas can.

After the can has been emptied completely, you can now throw it in the trash can for its safe disposal. You can also take it to a petrol station or fire extinguisher station and have them safely dispose of it off if you don’t feel safe doing it yourself. Oil cans and filters can also be recycled by giving them to oil recycling places nearby you or any hazardous waste disposal place too.

Safely get rid of old oil mix

Safely get rid of old oil mix

Some regulations prohibit you from disposing of old gas mix into local places like trash cans or sewage, and you can be fined if you don’t follow those rules and regulations as stated by the state. The atmosphere is significantly affected if the old oil mix is thrown in open places. Spilling it in your house while pouring in the gas can could be dangerous as any smoke or fire that came close to it can cause an explosion or big fires that can damage your property.

Cover the gas can tightly and carefully so that there will be no leakage or spills when you move the old oil mix to a safe place to dispose of. If it is to be placed in your house for reusing, then be sure to keep it away from children and pets, in an inaccessible area, so that there will be no accidents of spillage.

Recommended Places to Drop off Old Gas

Old gas when safely and carefully collected should be transferred to a safe place. Some recycling centers take the old oil for disposing of it safely, and they are certified for it by the government. Autozone are unable to recycle old gasoline.

You can also give away the old oil to places like old oil recycling centers or waste product recycling, that you may find near you. These centers can recycle the old oil by mixing it with new gasoline. You can also recycle and reuse the old oil yourself by mixing with new oil but it is wise to deliver them to specialists for this task as they know how to do it safely and in how much quantity.

For disposing of the old gas, you can call or visit toxic waste disposal centers near you and ask them about disposing of the old gasoline that you have. If you don’t find any disposing or recycling center near you, then you can take it to the fire department or your local car repair and ask for their help to dispose of the old oil or old gas safely for you.

By giving your old oil for recycling and disposing those to local service centers you are asked to pay a fee. The fee is small and worth giving when dealing with old gas because you don’t want to have that old gasoline lying around your house for a long time as it is extremely hazardous to you and the environment.

When taking care of old gas, there are some safety precautions that you should take to ensure safety for yourself. Take the old oil outside when you’re pouring it in a gas can for disposing of.

Be very careful with the disposing of the old gas and never involve a child in transferring the old gas to the can. Place it safely in your car so that no spills or leakages occur when transferring it to the disposing center. For you more garage cleaning guides and method here.