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Long Nose Pliers Use & Purpose

Long Nose Pliers Use

The long nose pliers are a tool that is useful to electricians, engineers, artisans, and other field individuals in holding and cutting materials especially in areas where it’s difficult to do so with bare hands such as narrow ends. The tool’s unique feature of having a long nose makes it more usable and easy to handle.

The usefulness of Long nose pliers is discussed under various topics which are as pointed out below:

Long Nose pliers functions and their usefulness

Majorly, the Long Nose pliers have a range of functions as pointed below:

  • Long Nose Pliers are used in either displacing, cutting on bending wires. Thus they can be used by different individuals in different occupations but mostly by engineers.
  • Their long shape feature enables the pliers to be used in reaching out into very tinny areas with materials such as wires and cables held or out of reach either using fingers or any other means.
  • The tool can be used to cut nails of up to 8-inches thickness still maintaining a comfortable handgrip.

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Long Nose pliers parts

The tool is made up of different parts and which have uniques contributions to the functioning of the pliers. They include the following:

  • The Nose- This is the tip/head of the pliers and which usually impose the gripping effect. They open and close alternatively to clamp whatever object you are intending to hold or cut. They have a pointed long nose to be able to reach and work on tight spots where other means are not an option.
  • The Cutter- This is the surface of the tool that cuts wires or tiny metals. It can be having a serrated or sharp blade depending on which brand of pliers you are using. Also, the cutter can either be position in between the nose of the pliers at the jaw point and in other cases, the cutter is found on the outer side of the handle.
  • Pipe Grips- These are round openings in the jaws of the pliers and are used to grip and hold round objects such as sizeable pipes and metals.
  • Fulcrum- Also known as the pivot. It is the point where the jaws and the handle join. The Fulcrum allows/creates a force impact on the jaws when performing a certain task.
  • Handles- This is the hand gripping surface where an individual holds the tool. To move the nose and jaws of the pliers, you have to squeeze the handle. Different pliers have different handle covers such as plastic covers, electrical proof insulated handles, ergonomic handles and solid metal handles.

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Some of the best Long Nose pliers brands

The long Nose pliers have different brands with different varying features and which make some of them unique. The following includes a list of some of the best Long Nose pliers brands:

  • IRWIN Vise-Grip long nose pliers 6-inch – The tool brand is made of strong and durable nickel-chromium material and is less likely to rust. The tool has features including serrated jaws, over-moulded grip and cutting edge and thus provides varied features in one tool. The 6-inch feature makes the tool more portable during work time and also when transitioning.
  • KNIPEX Tools Long Nose pliers- This tool has a wave-like serrated jaw and nose which provide more grip and better holding effect. The tools are made of a durable and very strong vanadium steel material vanadium that has been oil-hardened. The modification of the tool has considered having very highly durable tips that are more elastic than in other brands and hence they can retain their shape even after several vigorous usages.

The German tool design feels extremely quality and is mostly preferred by individuals such as Eric TheCarGuy who owns a vehicle garage and uses this tool when working on some of his projects.

  • Channellock 738 8-inch Needle nose- This type of Long Nose plier is made of Carbon steel with an electric coating that prevents rusting. Its modification has been strategically made for extra-durability and nose providing an extra reach effect of different points. The pliers have cross-hatch jaws and its handle is coated with a soft material with a comfortable grip for a long working session.

A plier is an 8-inch tool with a very great reach that enables an individual to reach materials in very tiny positions where hands or fingers can’t reach.

  • TEKTON 6-Inch Long Nose pliers- This tool is used in specific scenarios where the work required to be done is unique. The modification of manufacture has considered working areas which require less obstruction of view thus it has been made of thin and also

low-profile design to allow grabbing of wires and screws to be less difficult. In the selection of pliers for sensitive operations, such cutting of sensitive wires, these type of pliers is the right to use.

Also, the thin profile of the pliers makes it more portable and easy to position when working and thus most convenient for working with.

  • NEIKO Long Nose pliers- This tool is an 11-inch nose plier which provides an awkward gripping effect on areas that are difficult to access with bare hands. The tool has features like either 45 and also 90-degree angle bend for making such awkward actions of holding and grabbing objects in such tiny positions. The tool also has a nonslip handle which provides a better grip when handling the tool.
  • KastKing Cutthroat Long Nose pliers- This type of Long nose plier has a variety of features such as line cutter, shot crimper and nut tightening holes. The tool is 7-inch long and has spring-loaded handles. The pliers cutthroat has a nylon sheath that makes the tool easy to carry and hold while at work.
  • Klein Tools Long Nose pliers- This is an 8-inch plier with a non-slip gripping effect. It has features such as cutting edges and a cross-hatch grip pattern that provides a good hand grip effect.

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When working on certain unique projects which require specialized tools for gripping and holding materials, you need to review which tools to use. Long Nose Pliers use may greatly impact how you do your work and may help you avoid unnecessary accidents.