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Dewalt DWP849X Car Polisher Review

Finding a variable-speed polisher that can offer great power and performance can be a bit daunting.

Whether you’re polishing boats or cars for detailing projects, you need a speed polisher that boasts of great performance.

The device should come with relevant features for delivering the control and pace that boat detailers, auto detailers, paint specialists, and metal fabricators need.

Why Use the Dewalt DWP849X?

DEWALT DWP849X is a great variable-speed polisher suited for finishing concrete or metal surfaces and detailing projects.

It features great variable-speed capabilities including a 12-amp motor.

The motor can deliver a maximum wattage of 1,250 watts.

You’ll find the feature-packed speed polisher ideal for metal fabrication, painting, boat detailing, and car detailing projects.

DWP849X Product Overview

The DEWALT DWP849X Variable Speed Polisher features a great all-ball-bearing construction motor (12Amp) for durability.

It also comes with electronic control for maintaining a specific speed on the load to deliver your desired results.

You can use the variable speed dial to adjust the speed to up to 3,500 rpm in different applications.

The speed polisher also features a variable speed trigger to easily allow you to adjust the speed to your preferred setting.

The precision-cut and heat-treated gears on the device aim at facilitating smooth operation.

The external brush caps make it easier for you to service the device. You can use the large spindle lock button to make quick changes on the backing plate.

The speed polisher has a Wool Ingestion Shield to increase tool life and reduce maintenance costs.

With an exclusive soft start Controlled Finishing System, DEWALT DWP849X promises to deliver improved speed control.

The variable-speed polisher is light (6.7 pounds) enough to allow you to finish and polish surfaces at various angles.

Its weight also makes it easier for you to use it over long run times.

The device features a three-position bale handle. The handle gives you multiple gripping options for handling a particular project.

DWP849X Key Features and Specifications

· Wool ingestion shields for increasing tool life and reducing maintenance costs

· Electronic module for sustaining chosen speeds

· Variable speed capability including 0-600/3,500 RPM no-load speeds

· All ball-bearing construction for maximizing performance

· Powerful 12-amp motor

· Non-Mar Rubber Gear Case Cover to improve the gripping surface

· 180mm Velcro packing pad

· A bail side handles together with a horizontal side handle

· Spindle thread of 5/8 – 11 inches long

Extra Dewalt DWP849X Accessories

DWP849X supports a number of hook-and-loop accessories.

The accessories allow you to maximize the options you have depending on the project at hand.

They include DEWALT DW4985CL wool buffing pad and backing pad kit and TCP Global Ultimate 6 Pad Buffing and polishing kit.

DEWALT sells these accessories separately.

Pros and Cons of  The Dewalt DWP849X


1. Versatile

DWP849X can handle any detailing project you have going.

The variable-speed polisher comes with a 12-amp motor that’s ideal for both boat and car detailing projects.

You can even use it to finish or polish metal or concrete surfaces.

2. Great Build Quality

Most variable-speed polishers on the market fail to guarantee the durability to the users.

Unlike them, DWP849X features a Wool Ingestion Speed for eliminating wool ingestion.

The shield aims at helping reduce service costs and increase tool life.

The all ball-bearing construction motor found on the device also guarantees durability and long life.

3. Easy Servicing

The DWP849X speed polisher is easy to use and maintain.

You can rely on its external brush caps to service it once you’re done with a particular project.

The brush caps are lightweight in design and easy to hold.

4. Easy to Use

DWP849X comes with multiple features that are friendly to the hand.

The device has a Non-Mar Rubber Gear Case cover that can improve the gripping surface.

The bail side handle and horizontal side handle promise to give you multiple gripping options.

You can rely on the handles to handle a given project effectively.


1. The Speed Polisher Produces a Humming Sound

The small humming sound produced by DWP849X may be distracting to some users.

You’ll first hear the sound after turning on the speed polisher.

It may take you time to accustom yourself to the humming sound if you find it distracting.

2. Soft Start Can be Jolting

The soft-start feature aims at improving your experience with the device after turning it on.

However, the soft-start feature can be a bit jolting once you power up the device.

You may find it normal if you used speed polishers with a soft start in the past.

DWP849X Warranty Information

The 3-year limited warranty applies to tools (including DWP849X) purchased on or after 1st January 2004.

DEWALT promises to repair any workmanship defects or faulty features without charge for three years from the purchase date.

The company won’t repair any tool that becomes faulty due to tool abuse or normal wear.

The warranty doesn’t apply to users who involve a third-party technician to repair their DEWALT DWP849X speed polishers.

It gives users specific legal rights and acknowledges other rights that vary in certain provinces and states.

More details on the warranty repair and coverage information are available on DEWALT’s official website.


In general, DEWALT DWP849X is a variable-speed polisher.

Besides, it has a great inbuilt quality needed in detailing projects.

The device allows you to polish or finish different surfaces in a short time without compromising on performance and productivity.

Its lightweight design makes it easier and comfortable for you to use the device for hours.

You can use it to give a quality finish to concrete or metal surface, unlike other speed polishers.

Just like other tools that come with a motor, you should handle DWP849X with care.

Take time to read and understand the user manual for you to get an edge over the speed polisher when using it in different detailing projects.

Knowing how to use the device can help you increase the tool life and reduce maintenance costs.