Dewalt DCF885C1review

Detailed Dewalt DCF885C1 Review

You need an Impact driver,

And, you’re looking for an amazing and reliable compact drill.

Surprisingly, the Dewalt DCF885C1 is just that!

This impact driver delivers a ton of power for its compact design size.

The compact design makes it very easy to reach and fit into tight spaces.

The DCF885C1 has come with new battery features to conserve power and battery lifetime.

DeWalt has also emphasized the importance of versatility with this impact driver allowing to be modified with any toolset need for different projects or small jobs.

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For any professional or homeowner, this impact driver is highly recommended and this Dewalt DCF885C1 review will tell you why.


DCF885C1 Key Features

The Dewalt DCF885C1(Amazon) is well made with all the components built into it.

  • Weighs 2.8 lbs (Lightweight among drills)
  • 1 Lithium ion batteries required. (included)
  • A power source of 20 volt
  • Whooping maximum torque is 1,400 in/lbs
  • 3 LEDs lights at the front for improved visibility

These are among the most important features of the DCF885C1 that anyone looking to buy impact driver to pay close attention. It is small and compact and yet delivers an overwhelming among of power when needed.

Dewalt has taken the battery recharged process a bit forward. The battery charger will stop charging when the battery is at maximum capacity.

This means that the user will conserve energy. This extends the battery life as it prevents from overcharging which damages the battery cells over time.

The DCF885C1 comes with a hex driver system packed with versatility. The system will allow you to fit any fastener for long screws and bolts.

Also, the impact driver has 3 LED lights to improve visibility allowing the user to see more clearly at any time.

Belt hook also comes with the driver. This facilitates carrying the tool around. Especially getting to high elevated areas like a ladder where your hands are occupied on your way to your destination.

Just hook your driver on your belt hook and you are set. Also, the driver’s hook can be placed on both rights and left for the user preference.

The DCF885C1 has a rubber all around the fragile areas of the impact driver. You’ll be safe if you drop this impact driver as long as the fall is not to steep.

Also, the grip is very comfortable as the grip section is made of rubber with a lot of friction.

The impact driver only has one speed. This could be a disadvantage if you need going to be using for fragile projects. Yet again, anything that needs an impact driver assistance may not always be light and fragile.

Dewalt is known for taking a lot beating. Their product is always sturdy with amazing endurance. The chances of this product not delivering is minimal as that could be easily dealt with the warranty something we couldn’t leave out in this Dewalt DCF885C1 Review.

What are DCF8851C1 Pros and Cons

Like any other product in the market, there is pros and cons. There is no perfect tool out there that does everything exactly right. The goal is to get the tool that does most of the things we are looking for.

In this Dewalt DCF885C1 Review, we are going to look at the pros and cons of this tool.

  • Overwhelming power output (1,400lbs of torque)

Impact drivers are well known to deliver power. It is what they are built for and the DCF8851C1 is no stranger to that.

The hammer-like motion with a powerful spring inside the driver allows delivering power shots to those long screws.

If you want to learn more about this, we explain in this article how impact driver works inside.

  • Compact designed and weights 2.8

For any garage or homeowner, any easy compact and easy to carry tool is a must.

DeWalt delivers just that with this impact driver. Not only that, these drills deliver power which performs extremely great for its size and weight.

  • More efficient power charging

DeWalt has designed the battery charger to stop power flow to the battery when the battery is at maximum.

This is great for a couple of reasons. This would save power consumption on the user end and would minimize battery cell drainage.

  • May lag behind for heavy lifting projects

The DCF8851C1 is very powerful for almost any home jobs but for personal projects may not be suitable.

If you need a tool to drive big power screws for big projects than it might lag a lot when it used.

A solution to this could be just using a bigger battery. For heavy projects, increasing the driving force would require more power and 1.5 ah battery is not enough.

Just getting a bigger battery would allow the user to drive the impact driver to it maximum power output for a longer time.

  • Charge time is too frequent 

A lot of users have reported that the charge per use doesn’t meet is the expectation. That is a very valid con for this drill. However, it varies on the job that the user requires the impact driver for.

For instance, home jobs do not usually require a superpower output and the less power is required, the less battery consumption. It is the opposite of power-hungry projects.

Again, the solution would be a bigger battery. We found that 3 ah battery performs really great.

  • This impact driver is a bit more expensive than other impact drivers on the market.

There is definitely more tools with competitive prices on the market, like Makita. However, if you looking for something long term and durable then Dewalt is just for you.

  • The impact driver is missing a bit holder.

There is not a bit holder to carry around the bits that you might need for a project. A solution would be a bit holder accessory add on found in online and stores.

  • The case may be too thin for you.

If you’re a heavy user of this tool, then this case might be an issue. The case is made of thin hard plastic. If you’re using this tool for regular household usage then this would affect as long as it stores safely.

Dewalt DCF885C1 compact

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DEWALT DCF8851C1 Accessories

We cannot just do a Dewalt DCF885C1 Review and leave the accessories. Accessories most of the time facilitate the job in all sort of ways. Here are some of the accessories you going to need.

Bits are going to be needed for any kind of job for the impact driver. However, not just any kind. There a lot of different size of screws and bolts, therefore, you going to need different sizes of bits.

For beginners, the DeWalt kit of 34pcs would be a great starting point.

Sockets are also very commonly used when using an impact driver since they tend to be used for high power items or projects. The best one to start with is the Dewalt deep impact set of 10 pcs would be best, to begin with. I only would recommend this if you’re going to deal with machinery or large projects.

Different types of adapters can also be part of your accessories collection. Angle adapters are available for this impact driver as well.

Common Asked Question

Does this drill come with the bag?

Yes, it comes with a bag.

Can this also be used as a regular drill?

With the right adapter, absolutely. Although, impact drivers suck at drilling.

Can this drill handle 3.0 Ah?

Yes, it is recommended for heavy use for a long time

Which Dewalt impact socket set works with the DeWalt dcf885c1 20v max 1/4″ impact driver kit?

Any of Dewalt 1/4″ Impact sockets will work with this.

Does it have a warranty? If so, for how long?

Dewalt has a 3-year warranty on all of their power tools. You just need to go online and register the unit.

Should you buy the Dewalt DCF885C1?

If you’re a homeowner or have a garage and plan to use for household then yes. We highly recommend this impact driver if those are your plans.

Household items or any repairs do not usually require thousands of power output to do the job so the DCF885C1 is perfect for that.

For bigger projects that are more power demanding then you might reconsider using a bigger battery and usually, that solves any issues with that.

However, for extreme projects, we would not recommend it.

This product has also received an overwhelming among positive reviews (you can read the latest users feedback here from Amazon).

You will notice that the product is rated 4.5 on Amazon with a lot of positive comments.

Did you like our Dewalt DCF885C1 Review? Let us know what we missed!


  1. Thanks for the article. I was hoping you could help me with something. I was wondering, Which power tool brand do think is better for a beginner? Milwaukee or Dewalt? I really want to get the best as far as power tools because I plan to use them for a long time. I really appreciate any advice you can give. :]

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