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Craftsman 6 Drawer Tool Chest Review

Craftsman 6 Drawer Tool Chest Review

From a professional mechanic to a DIY handyman, a tool chest helps you protect, carry and organize all of your tools. Some are more expensive and have numerous benefits while some are cheap but can cater to your basic tool storage needs. You need to choose one depending on the type and number of tools you have. One of the tool chest you may consider buying is the Craftsman 6 Drawer Heavy Duty Tool Chest.

I have been using the Craftsman Heavy duty chest for about 6 months with no issues at all. If you have a large number of tools, this should do the trick. Also, the tool chest made by Craftsman, a wide known US company known for making these types of chest and other tools. 

Craftsman Tool Chest Features

Features such as a ball bearing drawer slides and an internal key locking system make the Craftsman 6 Tool Chest to be worth buying. As its name suggests, the product comes with six drawers and features a heavy-duty outer casing. It can offer you all the storage space you need to keep tools weighing up to 450 pounds in one place. It also features recessed aluminum handles.

How Useful is this Craftsman Toolbox?

The 26-inch 6 Drawer Heavy Duty Tool Chest offers extra storage to suit your precise tool storage needs. It allows you to add tool storage to the top bench and expand the existing bottom chest. The tool chest promises to give you more cubic inches of storage space than other tool chests available in the market. Its drawers come in different sizes to enable you to choose the most ideal storage size for your tools.

The three split drawers and three full-sized drawers on this product allow you to optimize the available space. You will also get to know exactly where you stored all the tools you need and save time in the process. The top chest features an extra storage space that suits bulky tools. You can easily put the chest into place using the recessed side handles.

To help secure your tools against loss or accidental use, you can lock all the drawers using their key locks. You can store up to 75 pounds in tools in each drawer as you wish. The drawers come with a handle that can give you the best and firmest grip for opening each one of them. They also feature the DynaGuide technology and full extension ball bearings for effortless closing and opening.

You can use the Craftsman 6 Drawer Heavy Duty Tool Chest in any context that requires you to have your tools in one place. Note that closing the top lid locks all the drawers. You can even fit batteries and a power drill in the bottom drawer if they are in the standard size limit.

Craftsman 6 Drawer Specifications

• Ball bearing drawer slides

Key locks for securing your tools – Very important!

25 inches wide, 12 inches deep and 15.25 inches tall

• Heavy duty construction

• Weighs 45.2 pounds

• Color: red and black

Made of steel

• No batteries included or required

What are Pros and Cons for the Craftsman Toolbox


1. Excellent Product for the Price

With a current retail price less then $200, the Craftsman 6 Tool Chest can accommodate the storage needs of your tools. All the features of this product are in line with its price. You can get it if you are looking for a tool chest for your tools but you are on a budget.

2. Plenty Room for Your Tools

Both the top and bottom chest of the Craftsman 6 give your tools adequate storage space. You can store different types of tools in the tool chest. The product allows you to have the most important tools in one place when you need them.

3. Excellent Build Quality

Aluminum is the main material used to make the drawers of the toolbox for durability purposes. The entire Craftsman 6 toolbox has an excellent build quality judging from features such as ball bearings and a flexible top lid. A solidly built product can grow with you as you store more tools.

4. Secure Key Locking System

You can use the key locks on the drawers to restrict unauthorized access to the toolbox or prevent theft cases. The key locking system can also help you keep away children who may want to play with your tools. Thanks to the system, you will not have to worry about losing the items stored inside the box.


1. The Key Lock is a Little Bit Flimsy

One of the features that make the Craftsman 6 Tool Chest reliable for storing tools is the internal key locking system. As the locking system tries to keep your tools safe, it is quite fragile in terms of build quality. You may end up replacing it from time to time when it wears out.

2. Difficult to Stack-on Top of the Bottom Chest

You will find it difficult to stack your tools on the bottom chest of the Craftsman 6 toolbox. To easily use it, you will have squat or bend downwards. You may also find it challenging to use the bottom chest if you are running short of time and want to use it to store heavy tools.

3. Drawers are Only Accessible When the Lid is Open

Though the Craftsman 6 toolbox comes with a lid of excellent build quality, the lid can make it difficult for you to open the drawers. You can only unlock the drawers when the lid is open. Craftsman should consider making toolboxes with drawers that one can unlock without necessarily opening the top lid.

Our Recommendation for this Craftsman Chest Box

The Craftsman six-drawer chest is among the most popular heavy-duty tool chests on the market today. Though the tool chest can allow you to store tools of up to 450 pounds in weight, it falls short in certain aspects.

The product may not work to your advantage especially if you want a toolbox that can lie flat on a level workbench. You will also need to lubricate the drawers regularly since they tend to squeak after using them for a while.

Tool chests help you keep track or transport your tools to and from a work site. They need to meet your personal needs as a construction worker, carpenter or home improver. It should come with plenty of drawers and a secure key locking system. Besides looking at its durability and strength, you should have valid reasons for buying the tool chest. Let us know if you liked our Craftsman 6 Drawer Tool Chest Review.