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California Air Tools Cat-1p1060s Review

California air tools cat-1p1060s Review

Finding a lightweight air compressor shouldn’t be as difficult as most people think. You have to find one that is that produces less noise and has a longer life cycle. The Cat-1P1060S is an air compressor made by California Air Tools that can work in uneven terrains or settings with different temperatures. You can use it to puff up balls, toys, air mattresses and tires since it is highly portable.

Cat-1P1060s Overview

With only 56 decibels of sound, Cat-1P1060S is among the quietest air compressors in the market today. The device has a .6 HP motor that can create less wear and less noise while operating at only 1680 RPM. California Air Tools engineered its Ultra Quiet & Oil-Free Motor for high durability and performance. The device also features a 1.0-gallon steel air tank weighing 29 lbs.

1P1060S features an Oil-Free Single Piston pump that can run for up to 3 hours, unlike most air compressors that have less than 250 hours in life cycles. The piston pump allows you to operate it in different terrains and weather conditions. Since 1P1060S generates 1.2 CFM at 90 PSI, it allows you to use blowguns, airbrushes, nail guns, finish nail guns, brad nail guns, and staple guns.

How Useful is this Air Compressor Cat-1P1060s

You can use the 1P1060S air compressor in the garage to clean and pump up tires. The equipment is ideal for you if noise bothers you when you’re at work. It comes with an owner’s manual that will help you get started on how to use it at different work contexts. With a voltage of 110V and horsepower of 0.6, the device guarantees you of high-performance speeds and productivity at work.

The air compression system consists of external current protectors and thermal overload protectors for safety reasons. It also consists of one universal quick connector and two pressure control gauges to make the inflating work easier. It takes less than 15 seconds for the equipment to recover from 90 PSI to 120 PSI. This means that it has a short recovery time, which allows you to power it on quickly and use it.

Since it relies on electricity to run, the 1P1060P comes with a 6-foot (72-inch) power cord. Note that you’ll have to get an air hose with the right length since California Air Tools doesn’t include one in the package. If you like moving from one workstation to the other, you’ll find the upright handle on the device useful.

Cat-1P1060s Specifications

· Comes with an external current protector and a thermal overload protector

· Low Amp draw (4.5 amps)

· 120 PSI maximum pressure

· Comes with two pressure control gauges

· Features a low maintenance Oil-Free Pump

· 1 year limited warranty

· ETL certified

· Comes complete with an air filter

· Measures 12.5” x 14.7” x 14.75”

· Steel air tank is only 29 pounds in weight

· 15 seconds recovery time from 90 PSI to 120 PSI

· Produces only 56 decibels of noise

What are Cat-1P1060s Pros and Cons


1. Produces Less Heat

The heat produced by the 1P1060S can dissipate effectively. It is quite uncomfortable to use an air compressor that produces a lot of heat. When using the 1P1060S, you won’t even notice when it gets hot since the generated heat can quickly disappear into thin air.

2. Ultra-Quiet

With only 56 decibels, the air compressor is ideal for use at workplaces that discourage high noise levels. You can carry it to an outdoor or indoor activity or event without worrying about noise pollution. You don’t necessarily have to put on ear protection gear when using this machine.

3. Longer Life Cycle

Most air compressors sold in the market today have a life cycle of fewer than 250 hours. After they surpass the 250-hour mark, they become less effective. The Cat-1P1060S stands out from these tools since it can deliver a life cycle of up to 3,000 hours. It aims at keeping you productive for longer periods of time.

4. Low Maintenance Costs

One of your top priorities when working with an air compressor is to spend less on maintenance costs. 1P1060S comes with an Oil-Free Pump that can produce cleaner air to meet your work-related needs. It also doesn’t need a lot of investment when it comes to maintaining it.

5. Low Power Consumption

The 1P1060 only consumes 4.5 amps of power when it’s working. Unlike other compressors, it doesn’t have a negative impact on your energy bills. California Air Tools assures the users that the 1P1060S is the most energy-efficient air compressor they’ll cover come across.


1. Doesn’t Come with a Hose

It is uncommon to have an air compressor shipped without a hose. The hose is among the accessories you’ll need to optimize the efficiency of an air compressor. 1P1060S doesn’t have any hose included in its package. You’ll have to spend extra cash to buy it.

2. Small Tank

Small tanks in air compressors can result in shorter duty cycles. They may also make the device to restart frequently hence affect the productivity of a certain job. 1P1060S features a tank that weighs less but is susceptible to frequent restarts. Unlike the aluminum tanks that the manufacturer used on previous air compressors, the one on the 1P1060S is prone to rust due to its steel casing.

3. Pump Components Can Easily Damage

Though the Oil-Free Single Piston pump allows you to work in uneven terrains and settings with different climatic conditions, it has its downsides. The pump is susceptible to physical damage when you overuse it. You need to be extra careful when using it to fill air mattresses, tires or balls.

Our Personal Air Compressor Cat-1P1060s Recommendation

Despite lacking a hose, the Cat-1P1060S is among the best air compressors that you can get based on the specifications discussed above. It may suit your work needs if you’re looking for an air compressor that is easy to move, compact, lightweight and very quiet. California Air Tools should include sizeable tanks made of aluminum on their future models since the steel ones are prone to rust. The company should also continue manufacturing air compressors that can work in different environments and have lower noise levels.