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What are the Bow Rake uses?

Bow Rake uses

A bow rake is a must-have tool for your garden, especially if you need to remove the leaves and other yard debris. This rake is shaped differently from other traditional rakes as it has short tines which are perpendicular to the long straight handle. They are rigid and robust and would accomplish more work than your average garden rake. You cannot exhaust the bow rake uses in your garden. Read on to learn more about this effective gardening tool.

Bow Rake Functions

  • The bow rake helps clean your garden during spring when there is so much debris on the ground. For instance, its sharp tines would run the grass to pick the debris and matted compacted dead turf.
  • It can act as a grooming tool for your garden as it helps level the materials like soil, mulch, gravel, and compost.
  • Its tines can break and spread the materials on the ground leading to a well-prepared garden.
  •  Again, the smooth side of the head can accomplish different jobs with precision, thus making the garden leveled quickly.

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Bow Rake Sizes

The bow rakes come in different sizes; for instance, the size 14 rake has a broad tooth head for excellent coverage, and its brow shape adds strength and durability. This size is suitable for loosening and breaking the solid, compacting, and evenly spreading mulch and gravel in your garden.

The size 16 bow rake is steadier than the size 14 and can accomplish most of your gardening needs. It helps eliminate almost all the debris in your compound. It levels the soil and spreads the hardened gravel and mulch in your garden. Most of the 16 tine steel head bow rakes are made for commercial purposes, but you can enjoy professional-grade tools in your garden.

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Best Bow Rakes

1. Bully tools bow rake

The bully tools bow rakes are 100% made in the US and are considered commercial grade, but you can get them for home gardening needs. It is made of extra-thick commercial-grade steel designed for durability and flexibility.

Its handle is made of high-strength fiberglass, which adds strength to your tool as fiberglass resists breakage. It is easy to handle as it is conveniently lightweight but can complete the work effortlessly. This bow rake uses extra thick gauge steel, with the connection to the handle welded and not separated.


  • The rake is commercial grade and can get the work done effortlessly
  • It is a robust tool, thus giving the reliability that you need in a gardening rake.


  • It has a limited warranty, and if it spoils past the warranty period, you will use your money to repair it.

2. Razor-back bow rake

The Razor-back bow rake has a classic wooden handle fitted with a bow-head featuring curved tines. They cut through the soils, gravel and loosen up debris while leveling your garden. It is also helpful for collecting debris like fallen leaves, grass, and other compacted materials in your garden. It is a professional tool that offers the best outcome for the toughest gardening activities. It had 15 tines, a steel ferrule, and a tempered steel rake head.


  • It is the best tool for all the most demanding gardening needs as it rakes grass, leaves, and other garden debris.


  • Its handle is wooden and gets damaged over time compared to other models made of fiberglass.

3. Craftsman bow rake

The Craftsman tools are hardy and accomplish most gardening needs. The bow rake uses 16 welded steel tines to break up hard and compact soils with ease. Again, its handle is wooden and is ideal for regular yard maintenance and landscaping projects; it has a cushioned end-grip which adds more comfort when working in your garden. It is made in the US using globally sourced materials.


  • The rake has a 15-year warranty which shows the manufacturer’s commitment to the production of quality products


  • The wooden handle might degrade over time.

4. Anvil bow rake

The Anvil bow rake uses strength and features lower wear during use. Its tines break up hard, compact soil and can spread the materials evenly in your garden. Its backside is suitable for leveling the soil and materials in your garden. It offers a laser-cut outcome due to the sharp blades made of high-quality carbon steel.

Its entire head is tempered, which adds strength and lowers wear during use. Its handle has a varnished finish giving it a beautiful appearance, and again the resin fixes the blade to the wooden handle. Its tines are intended to break up hard and compacted soil and spread the material evenly.


  • The tines give a laser-cut as they are made of carbon steel
  • The backside of the rake is excellent for leveling the soil and compacting the soil gravel and other materials in your garden


  • It features wooden handles, which disintegrate after a while.

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What to Consider When Buying a Bow Rake

You can consider the handles for your bow rake; some standard handles are wood, aluminum, fiberglass, and steel. The handles should be lightweight and make the work easy.

Again, it would be best to consider the length, making it possible to work on your garden comfortably. The length should prevent bending or stooping too low as it makes it difficult to complete tasks.

The head and tines should be forged with steel making it studier making it possible to spread the materials in your garden. You may consider the weight of the bow rake; too much weight might harm your arms and spine, while a light rake can reduce efficiency.

You cannot go wrong with any of the above-mentioned bow rakes. As you have seen each bow rake uses, you can perform different tasks in the garden with ease, as they allow you to spread the mulch, soil, and gravel in the garden.

There are many sizes of the bow rake, and the most common ones are sizes 14 to 16,” and you can choose one that makes your work easy. It could be better to go for commercial grade bow rakes as they make working on your garden easy; good luck finding a bow rake that works for you.