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Ball Peen Hammer Uses

Ball Peen Hammer Uses

A ball-peen hammer has been structured just like the common household hammer but one of the two heads is ball-shaped while the other head resembles that of an ordinary hammerhead.

The material of the handle can vary and whereas you’ll find others with wooden handle, others have fiberglass or metal handle.

Ball peen hammer comes in different weight ranging from 2-ounces to 48-ounces.

They have tremendous uses and even though they are mostly used in metalworking and blacksmithing, it could be of help having one at home.

If you are wondering how it will be of help to you, we have good news as we went out hunting and came with ball peen hammer uses, the different types available and the tips to use it.

Ball Peen Hammer Uses

Making knife and sword

The ball peen hammer is used in metal fabrication because it is excellent in shaping the material as desired by the user.

Therefore, it is the perfect tool in the manufacturing of swords and knife blades.

Sword or knife is first formed into the desired shape and then molded into the desired shape using a ball peen hammer.

However, when peening a blade using a ball peen hammer, an anvil is required for use as a solid metal surface.

Shaping metals

Today, automated machines are preferred in shaping metals but in their absence, a ball peen hammer is a way to go and will give you the perfect shape that meets your expectations.

It is also perfect in striking and shaping metallic pieces and welders use it to peen metals that have been riveted or welded together to make the joints flexible as the surrounding metals.

Ball peen hammers are also used in making jewelry as they help to shape, flatten, and add hammered texture to the metal.

Removing Dents

Ball peen hammers have proven to be excellent tools in smoothing out dents as they work efficiently on the metal being repaired and leave no marks on the surface meaning that they do not give you any room for regrets.

The ball-shaped end of this hammer flattens and expands metal surfaces which in turn provide a strain-hardening property to the metal.

You can use a ball peen hammer to remove small dents in cars with metal bodies.

Striking punches

During metalworking and woodworking, a ball peen hammer is the most appropriate tool to apply in striking chisels and punches.

A punch has a small blunt end and striking it with the flatter face of the hammer will provide the right impact to drive the punch.

Most importantly, the punch can be used to make holes on wood or metal.

Different Types of Ball Peen


Watnok is one of the most common ball peen hammers we have around.

It originated from Shanghai China and comes with a wooden handle. It is made of a steel hammer material with a model number CN20.


Dongrun is yet another type of ball peen hammer that does not disappoint. It originated from Zhejiang China and comes with a model number DR-HH0300FY, it’s made of steel and its mostly used as a machinist hammer.


Juli originated from Jiangsu China.

The head material is made of carbon steel and the head is heat treated.

It comes with a model number JL0104, it is made of steel but the handle material is made of wood.

The surface is polished and is mostly applied like a nail hammer.


SJ originated in Shandong China. It comes with a model number SJ01 and its made of steel.

It comes with a fully polished head surface and a fiberglass handle material.

The head is made of high carbon steel and mostly applied like a nail hammer.


Newman is mostly applied as a machinist hammer.

It originated from Zhejiang China, comes with a polished surface, wooden handle material, carbon steel head material, and British-type style.

Head and Body Material of the Ball Peen

Ball peen hammer is used for riveting, lay-outing, chipping and forming, and for general purposes as well.

For that case, it consists of the face, peen, the handle, and the eye hole.

The name ball peen hammer originates from the fact that its peen resembles the shape of the ball.

The handle is fixed in the eye hole which is well shaped to fit the handle and even though the face and the peen are hardened, the middle portion is not hardened so that when striking the job, it does not absorb the shock.

The head of a ball peen hammer is made of heat-treated forged alloy steel or high carbon steel.

It consists of the face and the peen. The face is the part used in striking and comes with a slight convexity which prevents the digging of the edge.

The peen is usually the other end of the head used for forming and shaping work such as riveting and bending.

The peen comes in different shapes such as cross peen, ball peen, and straight peen.

Generally, the ball peen weighs between 0.11 to 0.91 kg.

The middle part of the hammerhead is known as the cheek.

This is the part that usually carries the weight of the hammer.

From the eye, the head is the handle which is either made of wood or fiberglass and its purpose is to give leverage during striking.

Tips for Ball Peen Hammer Use

First things first, use the right hammer for the intended job.

Otherwise, when you use ball peen hammer for the wrong task, the job will not be done right and you’ll end up injuring yourself. It should be handled properly as if you’re shaking hands with someone.

In case you need more control like when striking a metal, hold it firmly close to the hammerhead and when you need power, hold it firmly near the end of the handle.

For efficiency and power control, you are supposed to swing the ball peen hammer from the wrist and from the elbow for control and power respectively.

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You are also supposed to focus on the object you are working on instead of focusing on the ball peen hammer itself.

Most importantly, you do not have to apply a lot of energy or overwork yourself when using the hammer.

All you need is to swing the hammer effectively and the weight of the head will do the rest.

Ensure you wear safety glasses when using a ball-peen hammer, and make sure there is no interference from above when swinging the hammer, and confirm that it is in good condition before use.

Handles should be well fixed and firm.

A hammer with a loose handle should be avoided as it can cause injuries to the user or anyone around when striking.

It’s recommendable to tighten or replace loose handles using proper wedges.

After all, it’s better to be safe than sorry.

Final Thoughts

There are many types of hammers around and each one of them has a specific task.

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Using the right hammer for the right job improves efficiency and prevents injury, not only to the user but anyone around.

Most importantly, ensure you inspect your hammer before beginning the work at hand.